Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

For your heating, ventilating and air conditioning project, we have everything you need.

Stove pipe, stove pads, furnace filters, roof caps, thermostats, duct tape, register covers, room space heaters, humidifiers, vent hoods, chemicals for reducing soot and creosote, log racks, high pressure regulators, wood stove pipe dampers, ceramic space heaters, gas vent pipe, parabolic heaters, wood stove insulated pipe, underlayment pad, chimney cleaning brushes, baseboard heaters, fireplace tool sets, salamander heaters, flashing, furnace cement, firebrick, steel grates, dryer vent hose and elbows, electric fireplaces, corn/pellet stoves, bagged pellets, suspended heaters, flanges, thimbles, clamps, replacement motors, duct pipe, and anything else you could possibly need.

What we don't stock in our stores can be ordered online and shipped free to the store for pickup in a couple of days.

We have palletized wood pellets on sale for $249/ton.

Check with us for your furnace filters - chances are we have them in stock.