Electrical Supplies

For your electrical needs, we stock a wide assortment of electrical supplies including electrical wiring, conduit, extension cords, connectors, fittings, fuses, light fixtures, & bulbs.

We also have fuse boxes, circuit breakers & panels, wiring devices - switches, outlets, & dimmers, wall plates, dryer cords, cable ties, and specialty tools.
Replacement bulbs, conduits & fittings, switches, wire connectors & fasteners, power strips, breaker panels & breakers (Square D), midwest boxes, spooled wire in several gauges, wall plates, electrical receptical boxes, recepticals & covers, batteries & chargers, outdoor lighting, electrical tape, electrical tools, adapters, timers & more.

Electrical tools include conduit benders, meters and testers, wire strippers, fish sticks, crimping tools, and others.