Sheetrock & Supplies

We carry all of the sheetrock supplies and drywall tools to get the job done including sheetrock tape, tape dispensers, putty knives of all shapes and sizes, premixed mud, T-Squares, boards, cordless drivers / screws, corner bead and more.
Continental Firecheck Type X drywall is enhanced with glass fibers to offer greater strength and fire protection for interior walls and ceilings.
Continental LiftLite® is a wallboard formulated to be up to 25% lighter than standard 1/2" wallboard making it easier to lift, carry and install. LiftLite can be used on both walls and ceilings, eliminating the need for two different types of drywall and reducing jobsite waste. Like all Continental interior wallboards, LiftLite is GREENGUARD Certified, which can assist in the attainment of credits for LEED certification.
Continental Firecheck Type C drywall is enhanced with glass fibers and other ingredients to offer premium fire protection for interior walls, ceilings and area separations.
Continental Sagcheck® is a strengthened, sag resistant drywall for interior ceiling applications. It is designed to be sag resistant under high-humidity conditions and wet-application texturing.