Plumbing Fixtures, Hot Water Heaters & Supplies

We stock all kinds of plumbing parts and supplies including pipe fittings & adapters, faucets, water filtration, plumber's tools, hot water heaters, tub & shower, toilets & toilet seats, sump & utility pumps, hoses, drainage / soil pipe, washer & dryer venting, washing machine hoses & accessories.

We also have sinks & vanities, augers & plungers, drain pipe fittings & parts, deep well & shallow well pumps, galvanized pipe & fittings, PVC fittings, tubing & pipe, copper fittings, tubing & pipe, rigid pipe, & tubing, PVC glue, pipe insulation, pipe valves, drain snakes.
We stock several hot water heaters (both gas & electric).

We also have lavatory sets, & other fixtures ready to take home.